We acquired our Estate in 1843 after the wedding of Miss BRINGUIER and Mister CACHARD. My ancestor -quite involved in the region as Mayor of La Cadière D'Azur and vintner on the port of Bandol- decided to perpetuate the wine production of his wife’s family. At this time, our family had to carry the grapes to the port of Bandol to ensure the vinification as the Estate did not have cellars yet. In 1852, the vinification relocated on our lands thanks to the manufacturing of a cellar in order to facilitate production. Passed from generation to generation, the cellar and viticulture became a true family story. In the 90s, my parents, Michel Cachard and Élisabeth Lafourcade -sheep farmers- decided to return to the family lands, with my brother and myself. In 1996, my mother Élisabeth decided to take over the winery, named our estate Domaine Les Luquettes, and established herself as independant winemaker. Since 2010, I decided to perpetuate my family’s work, collaborating with my parents on our family lands.

Our Family Story, Sophie Lafourcade Cachard, 07.17.2015

Our Estate is a small winery of 12 hectares: 7 hectares for AOC Bandol and 5 hectares for the wines Vin de Pays du Mont de Caume. Nature being essential to our family, we have been working as an organic vineyard since the 70s. As it is more of a life philosophy for us than a mode effect, we never asked for the AB certification (organic farming certification). The Estate is also part of the association Vignerons Indépendants which asserts the authenticity of the winemarkers’ work and, as the name suggests, asks for a complete autonomy of winemakers. In other words, we do everything by ourselves: vinification to bottling at the Estate, and the sales.

We look forward to meeting you at the Estate or elsewhere in France and Europe.